Vladimir Franz: Politician with 90% of the tattooed body

Vladimir Franz‘s name may not be familiar, but then you know this story, you will not forget. And it is that for many will be a surprise, for others, this story will serve as an example to help us prove that having tattoos makes the difference between people. Today I bring you a unique story to prove it.


Vladimir Franz is a lawyer after finishing training, he decided to pursue what truly love, art. So we can say that race is an artist and also classical composer and operas. Born in 1959 in Prague, he made a stir in the press in 2013, when 88,000 people signed requesting to be a candidate for President of the Czech Republic.

During his campaign, Vladimir Franz, was listed as the Green candidate, not because he was an environmentalist, but his tattoos that color. It was presented as part of an independent party that surprised all pollsters. In an interview he began by saying: “My tattoos are my small private garden, they are not an obstacle, give me more values, because elections are not a beauty contest is about tolerance and culture.”.

This fact demonstrates how cultural focuses can make decisions vary. Until that moment Vladimir Franz was a professor at the School of Theatre of the Academy of Performing Arts of Prague (AMU) , which has a flawless professional reputation.

Vladimir Franz has 90% of his body tattooed and mainly his face and head, no space remains for another job. But that does not mean it is a marginal, quite the opposite. He is a man of great culture and knowledge, starting his political career in the presidential elections in the Czech Republic in 2013. At that time many also nicknamed as “Avatar” for the amount of work green that has in its face.

When elections were held this year, although he did not win, he finished a worthy 3rd place, something worthwhile for out of nowhere and who based his political career on her figure and social networks.

After such a brilliant start, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Culture, a position he plays today, and who knows if in the next presidential campaigns in the Czech Republic, is presented and remains as the first president of the world with so many tattoos.

For those who still do not believe, I leave one of the videos released during his presidential campaign, where you can enjoy a great Vladimir Franz.

Recently, in February 2016, Vladimir Franz has presented his latest album operas in his beloved Prague, which is having a deserved success. I attached some pictures.

We talked earlier about how tattoos can not be decisive in the acceptance of a person in society. This is a more than creditable and worth following by all countries that still live under wrong taboos example. You see, now I am sure you will not forget the name of Vladimir Franz, the politician who was almost president with 90% of his body tattooed.