Tattooed models: Jade Allison (+ Pictures and Video)

The story of Jade Allison is a life full of conviction and know well what he wants. Born and currently residing in London, England, this beautiful woman of 33 years is an excellent professional model who joined the group of tattooed models today defy social schemes. In interviews granted, she realized it was before professional dancer, something passionate and filled with life.


But one day, and 10 years in London ago, they called for the filming of a music video of the group Primal Scream, where he had to paint what was a tattoo full body, this idea was greatly pleased and lit the wish that all that work was true.

Jade Allison decided to start his project made a considerable number of body work, and this decision brought the loss of her job as a dancer. It is when you decide to pursue modeling. It was a point, like her, he had to decide whether to continue working or to be happy, and the decision changed his life says.

Jade Allison plans are strong and well defined: cover your entire body of work, actually ink causes an addiction which is difficult to define the latter. He currently works for magazines, participates in professional photography sessions and is followed on social networks. Here I present to Jade Allison.

But if you still want to enjoy the ability of Jade Allison in modeling, I present you the video.

But perhaps one of the best works of Jade Allison has come, enjoy these beautiful photos.

I leave a few more pictures of this beautiful tattooed model.

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