Model: Miss Tina Louise (Sensuality ink)

Within the world of fashion, tattoos begin to occupy a strong and unique position. Increasingly tattooed models added to the list of successful and sexy women in the world “fashion“. Today I’ll talk about Miss Tina Louise.


Born in Australia in the early ’80s, Tina Louise is already a consolidated between media model, with cover of several magazines and owns many other gateways. Presently he is living in California, United States and has become a revelation in digital media. Rated by many as one of the #Diosagram, it has more than 1.2 million followers in Instagram, who weekly replicate their photos as viral elements.

Curiously, Tina Louise is the same name of a famous American actress, who during the decade of the ’60s was revelation in the cinema with his film Gilligan’s Island. Perhaps that is why the current model is also called Miss Tina Louise.

Among the physical work that can be found in the model Miss Tina Louise is a stunning catchers in his left shoulder, which he occupies the entire outside. We can also find a Dove Tattoo with a bouquet at the peak, easily identifying their devotion to the pure and sincere.

On his right forearm has several Roses tattoos, both black and red. Furthermore, on the abdominal side, we can see a phrase and other tattoos of pigeons in various colors. Generally it has almost covered his arms, kind of sleeves and some more work on your upper body.

Her modeling career is being a success, his pose histrionisa and capacity make it ideal for various photographic poses and the results of their work can be seen with a great capacity for sensual, getting attention. They say the best age for women modeling is before age 25, but this talented woman shows that almost 35 years to achieve very good jobs.

In this video, you can see its excellent capabilities for several photo sessions.

Then, after seeing all these jobs, you tell me that these tattoos do not fit?



(All photos were taken from the official profile of various social networks)