Doves tattoos: Beautiful and true (+ For inspiration)

Hello to all the community, today I dedicate an article that asked me on social networks. If you go for a job that has represented the love, harmony and peace, from the earliest times they have been chosen doves tattoos. Today I will comment about their meanings, variants and several examples for inspiration.

Doves tattoos and their meaning

From the old Greek and Roman cultures, the meaning of the pigeons was associated with the emergence of the goddess of love. This example can be seen in the carriage where Aphrodite was born, which was being pulled by doves. In Aztec mythology the dove represents the goddess of love and mother of all men. We can also see that in Native American cultures, whose image is that when a person dies, his soul becomes a dove and so this animal becomes sacred reflecting the reincarnation of their ancestors.

Christianity is the dove representing peace, pure causes and new beginnings. It is found throughout the white doves, as this color brings. The Bible tells that when Noah built his ark, sent out a dove to find dry land, and when it returned with an olive branch in its beak, learned that a new beginning was possible, who had arrived the opportunity to start life again. That’s why we can associate with these new paths that we will undertake.

In cities like Madrid, we can find a great veneration around the symbol of this animal, as a curiosity we can find the Virgen de la Paloma, in the church of the same name.

Examples of tattoos for inspiration

As I can see, the pigeons have a high significance, which is why it is not surprising that many are identified or associated events of their lives and feel identified with the symbol, and make us see as inseparable. Therefore many choose them as a symbol to be one of those incredible tattoos of pigeons in many different forms and quantities.
Now I want to show you some examples for inspiration. Enjoy these and then tell you the more specific meanings.

Reaching further with the meanings, tattooed one dove, with its wings outstretched, you can think about the summary of everything that contains your image. When tattooing two doves, is represented throughout the connotation of monogamy, love the couple and the family, usually it found much Valentine celebrations or weddings, and jobs are done where the pigeons are facing in flight in that expression of commitment and love.

Something that could suggest set with Tattoos for Couples. others prefer Feather Tattoos also combine with doves, combining both meanings. Among birds tattoos for women, this is one of the choicest, for sexuality transmitted. In a few places, the most striking are those made in the back and arms, and more discreet are the small tattoos that are located in the most intimate parts.

Tattoos on Doves are those jobs that have value and meaning very large and pure, where the gift of devotion to a person or cause shown great sincerity. So if one day decide to deliver a piece of skin to show your love for someone else, do not hesitate, this type of work is ideal.

I hope you enjoyed our article on doves tattoos, do not forget to share it with your friends. And if you still feel inspired, I’ll show you another video with more jobs, in this case would be most recommended Doves tattoos for men, although they are still good jobs for women. Anyway I hope you enjoy it.