Celebrity tattoo removal and their stories (+Photos and Videos)

Celebrities have always been a reason in sight of all, especially in these times if the celebrity is showbiz. In this group, it is very common to find tattoo, especially if they are singers who try to revolutionize the current concepts of fashion.

For many the issue of tattoo removal it is of great interest, and some make the mistake of tattooing without analyzing in depth the meaning of their jobs or their ideals or simply his love has changed, so it’s time to remove that tattoo regret. As these celebrities have not escaped these problems, and your decision to remove a particular tattoo was urgent. Today I will tell you some brief stories of celebrity tattoo removal. I present their stories with tattoo removal pictures y tattoo removal video.

History or removal Tattoo Pharrell Williams

The famous and successful as a singer and music producer Pharrell is one of the celebrities who decided to eliminate some of their tattoos. “Pharrel Tattoos” as some would say, had both arms covered body tattoos, but something in his life led him to not want them more. This time he was not subjected to the “pains” laser treatments such as Pharrell Williams tattoo removal describe, underwent a costly procedure graft new skin similar to yours, and did so on two arms. Although still can see, the truth is that Pharrell tattoo removal they can be seen as increasingly they are less.

You may have noticed during his Grammy acceptance speech that his arms were curiously devoid of many tattoos they once were covered. You would be right. In 2008, Pharrell said Vogue “It will be expensive, but worth it.”

50 Cents

The rapper celebrity Curtis Jackson, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, made headlines again by 2010, to discover the media that had less and less tattoos in her arms. The controversial musician was nearly full tattoos sleeves on his arms, almost all tattoos made in his youth. Their reasons began to be known when various interviews 50 Cent commented that began to open new facets, such as film, and that they do not go as according to their aspirations. It took more than four hours of makeup to cover them completely. So he began to 50 Cent removes tattoos of his arms.

Kat Von D

And it is that even famous tattoo artists such as Katherine Von Drachenberg Galeano escape not remove a tattoo. Best known in the world as Kat Von D, the famous entrepreneur, tattoo artist and celebrity, star of the reality series Miami Ink and LA Ink now also wanted to tattoo removal. Kat Von D was married to Jesse James, famed American producer, until 2011. The following year it was revealed that some of the  tattoos, having to do with your partner, were deleted. The process is performed by laser. I leave some tattoo removal pictures de Kat Von D.

Soulja Boy

Another celebrity who one day decided to suppress one of his tattoos was the young American rapper DeAndre Cortez Way, better known by his stage name Soulja Boy. Musician of great success for the release of their first album in 2008, the fact is that the rapper has its almost entire body of work, higher and lower quality. In the next picture appears with several of his tattoos, observe the forehead of Soulja Boy.

Among them was the symbol of the Gucci mark on his forehead, and no longer met its goals, so it was time that Soulja Boy tattoo removal. In the video we can see that used the laser technique and its immediate results, it seems that the ink used was not of the best quality, luckily for him.

Hayden Panettiere

During 2006 he aired the famous television series Heroes, with her became famous actress Hayden Panettiere. Little is said about his tattoo on the left hand side of his back, over the ribs, which has a phrase. Had already become visible in some presentations and during 2013 some pictures from paparazzi where the tattoo removal process is filtered.

Angelina Jolie

Sensual and highly acclaimed, Angelina Jolie has a number of very beautiful work. But this does not mean that everyone has fulfilled their future expectations. Example of one of the tips we have given, – “never tattooed the name of your partner” – happened to the actress. Previously married to film director Billy Bob Thornton, was a paper on his left shoulder which had the name of her ex-husband. By divorcing in 2003, he decided to erase your tattoo and to lessen the signals, instead one that is the exact coordinates of the place of birth of each of her children, something that surely will never erase is performed.

Megan Fox

The sexy actress Megan Fox does not escape tattoos erased. When I was very young, he decided to tattoo the face of the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm. The reason for that moment, as he said in an interview: “This tattoo I took it as a symbol of warning to me as if alerted me that I should not allow the film industry to try to get me wrong and I end up paying.” . But it seems that the reasons were not as strong and decided to remove it, saying:. “Marilyn had a” negative character “because it” suffered from personality disorders “and because” it was bipolar “. Here I share a number of pictures to they see their evolution.

Justin Bieber

And to close, it appears that the next to run the elimination of some of his tattoos will Justin Bieber. The media is replicating its related his story with Selena Gomez, which work on her wrist and now want to remove the singer fell off comments. We see what happens and update it.



Remember that a tattoo should be a very deep and mature decision, the reasons should be enough to never regret. The names of couples will never be of the best decisions. Always look for something that has very serious relationship with your personality. So you never have to remove a tattoo, or suffer the process.