The Catrina Tattoo and Body Art – Meaning and Images

The Catrina Tattoo meaning

As part of this cultural influence, and become a symbol Catrina Tattoo was not long in coming. On November 2, Day of the Dead in Mexico, many proudly display Catrina Tattoos. Their meanings have taken various shades, depending on the prowl death, since it is attributed to Catrina as representing it.

Some choose it to demonstrate its respect or defiance of death, as a symbol that not afraid under any circumstances. Others decide for it as a sign of love for a loved one, which is represented with makeup or part of it, he used the Catrina. It is also seen as a tribute to our ancestors and respect and fidelity to the roots. I want to share some photos of these Catrina Tattoo.

(The photos were taken from the profile of facebook Tattoos Catrinas)

Either for cultural reasons, or respect for ancestors and loved ones who are no longer, the truth is that for Mexicans is a great symbol, inseparable from their culture and always displayed proudly by the message that conveys. So if you’re looking to make papers or proposals, we suggest the Catrina tattoos beauty with displayed and history.

For those who love a lot more tattoos Catrina, I leave a good video and conducted a tattoo.

The Story of the Catrina

The caricaturist José Guadalupe Posada never imagined that his work in local newspapers in the early twentieth century could become the figurehead of Mexican catrinas. “Catrin” (in Spanish dictionary meaning person with lots of money or smart person), he was told the man was well dressed and to accompany an equally elegant woman.

During the time news of natives who gave up their status as Mexicans in search of European standards they are published. Obviously this was frowned upon and never accepted by those who loved their land and after this cartoon, they became associated with the Catrina, skull just wore a flamboyant feathered hat.

Years later, the muralist Diego Rivera, who was dressed the Catrina with a stole of feathers, to complete that unbridled elegance to the point of being absurd. This image began to relate to death. After several decades, the Mexican popular culture has become a symbol itself and much admired by all, where those who are visiting for Mexican lands, mainly on late October and early November, especially in the south you can not leave without taking a beautiful memory or at least a beautiful experience catrinas.

Catrina generally emerged from the popular account of his daily life and work of these two Mexican artists.

The Makeup of Catrina

As part of the same Body Art, one of the most acclaimed shows are the makeup of Catrina, where many people, especially women, reflect his vision of this beautiful culture and do their makeup, sometimes also accompanied him with his clothes. You can not miss, the ring of the eye, the tip of the black nose, red lips and fine sewing or drawing of teeth on either side of the face.

Here I show you a selection of photos to inspire you.

I also want to share a practical and short video tutorial on how to make a makeup.

Many others are the manifestations related to Catrina, talent and creativity of many make us surprise you, but the truth is that there is a strong relationship between history and Body Art, reflected in tattoos and the makeup, drawings and many other styles. Either way this article can serve to inspire.