Artists: Ondrash – A master of watercolor with needles

On the cold climate of the Czech Republic, in the town of Znojmo, near the Austrian border, you can walk on the unique street Koll├írova and find a place that on the door only has a simple sign says “Tattoo” nothing else. Touching the door is waiting to find one of the best tattoo artists have today, your name, Ondrash.

Not like making computer designs, your best editing program is the talented hand possesses, his best sketches are made paper and markers. With singular figure, some tattoos on his forearms, dark frame glasses and unkempt hair, gives us the impression of what really is an artist. Ondrash and is listed as an exponent of Czech and European tattoo, his works are recognized at the first sight.

Graduate design of footwear and clothing, Ondrash has already largely developed techniques of watercolor, his sketches are real works of art and is a master with needles.

Among the elements that make his work distinctive is consistency in style, very well defined in the framework of watercolors, the use of intermittent and unstable lines that give us the feeling of movement, animation figures.

The use of fuzzy backgrounds that highlight the main forms, the use of vivid colors, which combine and lose the boundaries, giving the impression of life. It is a mixture of surrealism to abstraction, with a dose of reality itself shows us that it is a true artist in every concept. But one of the most striking elements of Ondrash is the dedication and passion when making one of his works.

Tattoos watercolors are relatively young, it is a trend that has started to gain a following for some years, although there are still those who do not accept it, the fact is that in Europe have already taken a worthy place, and Ondrash has increasingly become this exponent reference.

I suggest you enjoy this video, which although is in Czech as language spoken, they can enjoy the process of defining and shaping work Ondrash.

Certainly the artistic quality of Ondrash is recognizable, apart from tattooing, also it performs its work on canvases and exposes them very successfully in Europe. Anyway, I want to give another group of works, so that you enjoy and start to value more strongly tattoos watercolors.

I hope you enjoyed the work of Ondrash recalls share it with your friends.