To not stop laughing – Piercing (Funny Videos)

Hello to all friends of the Community. In recent days we publish a selection of very funny videos of people at the same time to tattoo (I recommend it): Funny Videos of Tattoos: To not stop laughing. There really are many people who have great tolerance when getting a job. Many cry, others make expressive gestures with their eyes and mouths even they know hitting the artist. In the following funny videos we present some of these cases, to enjoy and laugh at life.

It seems that she knows very good boxing, or who knows how to beat her husband, at least this artist did not escape the accuracy of his hand.

The use of piercing in men and has been encouraging from an early age, but this guy really knows how to express his feelings printing.

Sometimes it is better to make the first drilling the girls when they are very small, as in the majority of cultures, but this is the biggest and reserved to enjoy their eyes and expressions, very funny.

To close our space to laugh, nothing better than a big man screaming as if he had that age, lol, enjoy their reactions.

Surely you must have enjoyed this selection of funny videos, like us, of these videos, do not forget to comment and share them with friends, to laugh costs nothing and happy lives.

Greetings from Art Body + and hope in our future articles.